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Banking ombudsman


Date of birth – April 16, 1951.

Higher education, finished:

– Omsk Institute of Railway Transport Engineers, in 1974, railway engineer-electrician;

– Almaty Institute of National Economy, in 1987, economist;

– Kazakh Humanitarian and Legal University (KazGUU University), in 2015, jurisprudence;

General labor experience in Financial Credit System is 40 years:

– 1975 – 1988 – Engineer, Head of Mathematical Elaborations Group, Head of Department of Algorithmization and Programming of Processing center of the Kazakh republican office of the State Bank of the USSR;

-1988 – 1991 – Deputy Chairman of Board of Kazakh Republican Bank of Savings Bank of USSR;

-1991 – 1994 – Deputy Chairman of Board of Savings Bank of Kazakhstan;

– 1994 – 2005 – Deputy Chairman of Board of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan;

– 2006 – 2012 – Deputy Chairman of Board of “Kazpost” JSC;

– 2012 – 2013 – Adviser of Chairman of Board of “Bank RBK” JSC, adviser of Chairman of Board of “Senim Bank”, Adviser of Chairman of Board of “Qazaq Banki” JSC;

In 2013 according to article 40-1 of the Law of Republic of Kazakhstan “About Banks and Activity of Banks in the Republic of Kazakhstan” elected the Banking ombudsman.

Author of a number of developments in the field of bank and card technologies:

– “Program and technology complex of automation of retail banking business “AMANAT”, certificate №587 27.05.1991 y.;

– “The automated banking system of retail business “Amanat Plus”, certificate №141 23.08.2001 y.;

– “The automated forming of payments via POS terminals “Master Pay” (Customs payments), certificate №062 23.03.2004 y..

Social activity:

– Initiator of formation and President of Association for Development and Computerization of Banking Servicing of Population in Central Asia and Kazakhstan “Amanat-Inform”, 1989-1999;

– Member of Presidium Office of Central Committee of Labor Organization of government, banking institutions and public services, 1995 -2003;

– Member of working groups of Mazhilis of the Republic of Kazakhstan on elaboration of Laws of RK “On Legalization of Capital”, “On Land”, “On Computerization”;

– Independent Director of the Board of directors of “KazCenter of Housing and Public Utilities” JSC, 11.2010-02.2012;

Awards and ranks:

– Certificate of Merit of the Board of State Bank of USSR and CC of Labor Organization of Government Institutions of USSR of Republic of Kazakhstan;

– Medals “10 years of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan” and “10th Anniversary of Astana”;

– “Veteran of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan” – 2003;

– “Instructor of High-Mountain Tourism

National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Association of Financiers of Kazakhstan
Insurance Ombudsman
First Credit Bureau